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Eugene Geel Family Tree
Robert Vivian Murton Ph.D.




MARITAL STATUS: Married Karine Frances Henry, three children, thirteen grandchildren.


Diploma, Chartered Institute of Insurance

Diploma, Chartered Institute of Secretaries.

Honorary Colonel, Militia of the State of Alabama

Licenced Pilot

Doctorate in Business Administration.


Worked for my grandfather on his farm at the conclusion of my junior school.

Returned to high school thereafter and completed the two year course in one.

Went to work for the property casualty insurance industry. Promoted to claims manager for Pearl Assurance Company. Then, senior branch inspector and auditor for New Zealand Insurance Company.

Changed to insurance brokering, as a partner. Introduced a new service of providing insurance adjustor services for the clients. It was the custom, at the time, for claims adjustors to be appointed by the insurance companies. Our services provided a balance for the clients interests. Sold the brokering company to capitalize our own surety and guarantee company, Commercial Guarantees Ltd.

The surety and guarantee business expanded our expertise into the reciprocal international reinsurance placements between the major financial countries. This followed through to international placements of very large credit enhancements on Industrial Revenue Bonds and similar instruments issued and traded in America, UK and Europe.

This international financial activity in turn led to underwriting (in surety parlance) IPOs and secondary offerings for a variety of industries in three of the formalized security markets.

Directed the operations of a public company that owns a Vermiculite deposit and its diversification.

Investigated 37 property casualty insurance companies for acquisition. Negotiated acquisition of 3 and the merger of another 3 and moved 1 from Tennessee to Utah. Started a new surety insurance company in Utah.

Diversified into the environmental remediation industry. Provided financial and management skills in building a company that was sold to a Public Company in Canada. Completed two of the hydrocarbon remediation projects as project manager.

Invested in a fish growing business in Puerto Rico. Business discontinued as a result of non performance of outside investors. Stayed on in an attempt to re-coup investment.

Appointed Trustee to assets in excess of two billion dollars.

August 2003.

Details of Experience

2000 - 2003

West Indies Aquiculture.

Investment in fish growing business with partner in Juana Diaz, PR.

1992 - 2000

21st Century Environmental

Bio-remediation cleanup of The Hungry Whale, a gas station in Westport, WA, & Magic Wand Truck Stop in Las Vegas.

MICHAEL M. HOBBY LTD/ 21st Century Environmental Remediation Technology Corporation

Appointed President. Licensed others in the application and use of two bio-remediation technologies known as BIO-SPARGETM and BIO-PURGETM, both of which were subsequently patented (U.S. Patent Nos: 5,246,309, issued September 21, 1993 and 5,279,963, issued January 18, 1994). Company provided environmental management services and technical support for their licensees. Negotiated the sale of this company to a Canadian Public Company, Enviro FX, Inc., in 1996. Was re-appointed president as a requirement of the buyers. Resigned in 1997 to undertake a remediation project in Westport, WA.

1991 - 1992


Appointed as Chairman. Restructured the Company and then closed it down due to some prior unresolvable litigation issues. The Company was licensed to apply the two bio-remediation technologies known as BIO-SPARGETM and BIO-PURGETM, and Metal Recovery and Recycling Method and System (MRRS), protected by U.S. Patent No. 5,503,656, applied for in 1991 and issued in 1996.


President and co-owner. Specialized in the structuring and placing of difficult to underwrite sureties. Also provided Insurance Company review & acquisition advisory service. 37 Insurance companies were investigated, 3 were acquired and 3 were merged. One of the companies investigated, Maryland Property & Casualty Insurance Company, had a total capital and asset structure in excess of $3 Billion (in 1990 dollars) was acquired by another, Zurich Insurance Company.


Public Company, formed in 1956 by others. A holding company for a number of property development subsidiaries, and a majority owner of a mortuary, crematorium and allied services. As a result of the early 90's down turn in the California real estate market the company was unable to generate sufficient cash flow to keep going. Was appointed President August 22, 1991 with the specific mandate to reorganize the group. Completed all the various Chapters 7 and 11 filings under the Bankruptcy Code. The Company survived and is still operating, albeit downsized.

1986- 1993


Public company, traded on NASDAQ, symbol STBY, owns a vermiculite deposit in Hamilton, Montana. Appointed President & Chief Executive Office, and later Chairman. Duties included securing an Environmental Impact Statement for the Company's Vermiculite mine and to provide the mining and refining technology, permits, develop markets for its products and secure all financing required. Headed up Stansbury's diversion into insurance and other subsidiary ownerships which included:

Acquisition of 80% of HERITAGE MOUNTAIN RESORT, a destination resort which was changed to Seven Peaks Resort, in Provo, Utah.

Acquired the 47 acre property that had previously been rented by HERITAGE MOUNTAIN RESORT from State of Utah on which we developed our corporate headquarters, a golf course, and a water-park.

Investigated and negotiated acquisition of SOUTHERN AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY, Moved SOUTHERN AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY from Tennessee to Provo, UT. Half of the existing 42 staff members made the move and we employed local people to take the situations of the people who did not. Had to train them as none had any insurance experience.

Director of Marketing and Senior Vice President of SOUTHERN AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY until resignation in January 1989. Responsibilities included setting up and directing marketing, underwriting, office procedures, monitoring and claims methodology of surety business written by company.

1987 - 1990


Co-founder and President of Company. Was formed to provide Sureties in a specialized market. Company was capitalized on $5.25 million borrowed personally. The loan, plus interest was repaid on the agreed date. In replacing the capital with a new source the new lender/owners were unable to satisfy the requirements of the Utah Commissioner of Insurance and I closed the company down. During the time of operation of the company, we experienced a zero claims loss ratio.

1981 - 1985


Part owner. General Manager and Chief Operating Officer. Provided technical underwriting, monitoring and claims handling services to insurance companies in the field of sureties. The Company's activities included negotiations which varied between settling disputed claims, mitigating potential losses, bringing together persons in new or reconstructed ventures, to appointing substitute companies to complete contracts of failed or failing companies.

Placed all reinsurance required by client insurance companies which involved reciprocal placements of risks between insurance and re-insurance companies in various countries. During this time we achieved, for our insurance company clients, the lowest claims to earned premium, and profit to invested capital ratios of any of their peers in the financial market.

1972 - 1981


Founder, president and 51% owner. The only non-insurance guarantee and surety company in Africa. Operations unique. All sureties issued and claims assumed were net for the Company's own account. Assumed, for payment, surety claims made against insurance companies and banks. Turned these into a profit in their settlement.

Initiated various employee incentive programs including training to become self employed entrepreneurs and a corporate sponsored home ownership capability.

Sold the company to Standard Bank, Ltd., an international financial organization, after selling off the assets and paying the liabilities.

Before the sale was completed, a study and audit was carried out into Companies's activities, by an inspector from the (Federal) Department of Financial Institutions and a partner in the largest actuarial partnership in Africa. Both reports became Matters of Public Record and confirmed that the methods we employed in the underwriting and handling sureties and guarantees produced operating profits, from a claims loss ratio of less than 5% of earned premiums.

1968 - 1972


In partnership with another as insurance brokers. All classes of property casualty and life dealt with. Specialized in the harder to place types of business including construction surety bonds and high hazard industrial risks by introducing self-funded underwritten policies for the first time.

Business was sold to MATTHEWS WRIGHTSON (a large international insurance brokering firm based in London, England), for sufficient money to capitalize COMMERCIAL GUARANTEES, LTD.

1958 - 1968


Started as a trainee, was promoted through all casualty and property insurance departments and reached the position of head office claims manage for Pearl. Joined New Zealand as an inspector and was promoted to senior branch inspector and auditor in just over a year. `

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